Jewelry artist falls off the face of the earth

No, not really. (Although she might want to at times). 

I've just been a bit overwhelmed.  Turns out trying to do full time work in 20 hours a week is a bit hard.  Plus, I've been busy chasing these:

Work life balance is a little hard to achieve.  At least for me.  I don't want to work full time, since my little sweeties are still so small.  Not that small, I guess.  Eleven months old now!  Where did the time go.  Where are my tiny tinies?!  They're walking!  Of course they are.  Walking at 10.5 months!  It seems really early and I can't help wishing that they had stayed babies a bit longer. I probably won't have anymore, so I feel a bit cheated that I won't get a second go around at the sweet tiny baby part pf parenthood.

Well, on the studio front I've just been working away:

And as I am taking the above picture, out in the front yard:

 LOL LOL LOL.  I have two very dramatic babies.  They're hilarious.

And this was a really fun project for a lovely lady in Rhode Island (a place I've never been, but have always wanted to visit):

I really just love the way I attached the palladium bezel.  It makes me want to remake my own ring!

I have a couple of new things that I'm trying to finish and add to the shop, but extra time is a bit thin on the ground here. :-(  I also have a bit of $$ from recycling all of my polishing sweeps for the last 4 years and I'm trying to decided what new equipment to buy.  Maybe a ring stretcher/compressor?  I really want to get a bead blaster, I love that texture.  AND, I got some stuff that will blacken gold, so I am SO EXCITED to try that out.  But I need the time.  TIME TIME, whose got the time!?

Not me, obviously.  I haven't even posted to my blog in a thousand years....  I think I am going to try to post every week.  We'll see how it goes.  haha.
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