oi! where did January go?!?

Well, dearies, I'm off on a well deserved vacation tomorrow morning.  Please wish me luck on my long plane ride with two 13 month old babies.  (!!!!!)  I hope it is relaxing. (hahahah.  I just re-read that, and was like, the vacation, obviously.  Not the plane ride with two young toddlers!)  I have so many ideas, I almost feel like it would be more of a vacation to remove my computer from my studio and just work on new projects for a week. Oh the bliss!  Someday.

And I have another project going too!  Besides new things.  I am working on my own website.  And I've decided to change my business name.  Or, rather, start a new business, and change the direction of my old one.  I think.  But I'll save that for later.

(p.s. I've decided that to motivate me to make new things I'm going to keep the prototype for myself! Haha!  I've already had a new pair of earrings cast, I just need to finish them.)