So much for posting weekly, ha ha

I just can't seem to manage it.  I think, with me, blogging takes copious amounts of free time in order to allow my brain the freedom to come up with things to post about.  When I'm busy or preoccupied I tend to clench up and nothing but what needs doing gets free.  I'm also a compulsive perfectionist, so if something isn't 1000% finished I hesitate to share.  But!  I'm going to take a leap and just put it out there.

Ive decided to change my business name!  For real this time!  

I've been holding off on telling anyone about it until it was complete.  But really, I don't know when that will be.  I've been working away at it, a bit here a bit there, but it's still pretty bare.  I haven't really had a chance to add things for sale yet.  But I'm going to make that a priority this weekend.  (When I'm not busy rototilling my new flower garden!!! OMG!  So excited! About everything!)

And finally finished that new ring I posted about earlier.  It's pictured below.  Guess which one it is? And I have new earrings and a new 5 stone ring too, but no pictures of those just yet.

Not the best of photos.  But it is gloomy like an Alaskan winter morning here these days.  I find that when it is overcast outside I can't get dynamic photos.  They just look a bit dead to me.  Maybe I need to blast the exposure?

Hmm, still nothing.  And it's really unfortunate, since I have to ship those to rings on the far right today, so I won't get another chance to photograph a group.

And my tiny sweeties are still tiny and still sweet.

She's soooo sleepy here.  Right after I took this photo I took a video of her nodding off.  Adorable.

 Fresh new haircut!  And seaweed snack.

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