The sun is shining (finally)

yet, I'm in a slight funk.  I never seem to have enough time to do anything.  And, even worse, I can't seem to concentrate on anything long enough to get it done.  Not at work, obviously, because I HAVE to finish things at work.  I mean in my other life.  My life that needs gardening and quilt making and home decorating and baking and cooking.  And as much as those, it needs drawing and painting.  I haven't drawn or painted since before the babies.  Maybe I need to give up coffee.  It seems to scatter me.  I know I need to give up the internet.  It drains me.  What is the use of reading about lovely things on Apartment Therapy, when my own house needs my attention?  What good does it do me to spend my free time on Jezebel, when I would be happier writing a letter or drawing a picture instead of wasting my time away reading bits and pieces of useless news?  Ugh.  I hate the internet. (And yes, I see the irony of this.)

On a lighter and more cheerful note!  My flower garden in flourishing!  And the veggie garden is getting on like a house on fire:

It's even fuller now!  Look at that strawberry barrel in the middle!  The Shop Monkey worked so hard on it.  Drilling those holes in that thick wood was terribly irritating.

We had the craziest heat-snap (new word?), and I took advantage of the 90 degree weather to let my sweeties run around without clothes.  Is there anything cuter than a baby running around in a diaper?  Maybe two babies?  Two babies dripping with homemade yogurt and fruit popsicles?

I'm making a real effort to grow houseplants.  See my success below:

Alas, I'm not trying as hard as the babies are trying to climb onto the table.

No, I didn't pose him there (but he does make a nice tchotchke).  I was reading to his sister when I looked over and saw him climbing up.

What is this sketch?  It is me and the Shop Monkey playing darts in the basement after the babies go to bed.  We're drinking champagne because it's a Wednesday.  

And yes, I did win!! Haha!

I love this sweetie.

I bought this sofa at auction and I plan on recovering it in a deep blue velvet?  Green?  Turquoise?  Help!  Does it need tufting?

I repainted my side table.  It was kelly green.

And my little sweetie sweetie. <3 nbsp="">