I am so excited!

I've been dying to start using other shapes of stones, but I wasn't feeling like my brain was up to it until lately (double baby brain!).  But I finally gave it a go the other day and this is my second practice stone.  The first turned out okay too, but this one is better.  I think because I took the time to solder it to a band so I could hold it better.  The other one I just tried to hold the setting.  Why would I be that stupid?  I know that the key to making nice jewelry is holding something securely.  So I don't know why I tortured myself with a jiggly loose setting, rather than taking the 2 minutes to create a "handle".  LAZY.   (Even if it is wonky as all get out....look at the slant the setting has to the band.  LOL!  But that wasn't the point, I just needed something to clamp.)  I have a couple of pear shaped cz and I'm going to get some princess and marquis shaped stones and just practice my little heart out.  I think the real test will be to carve the settings myself.  I'm getting much more confident lately, so we'll see.  But I'm pleased as punch with the setting job I did!  Yay!
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