Another year

I'm trying to figure out how to calculate how many years I've been in business.  I opened in February of 2009.  So does that make it 5 years?  Or 6?  5 full years? But technically 6?  Am I just mathematically challenged?  Has it been too long since elementary school?  You know what is really sad?  I've been in business for 5 years (at least) and I've had business cards once.  As in, I had some made when I first opened, and I haven't had any since.  Years.  Years.

Anyhoo.  It's another year, and now that my babies are a little bit older, I'm ready to move out my holding pattern and make some changes. On the list:

1) Learn how to do 3D modeling.  I would love to be able to design components on the computer.  Things that I can't make by carving in wax.  And that means a new computer.  I bought a refurbished one in 2009 and it is finally time to retire it. (I updated the software to Yosemite and I now regret it with all of my heart.)

2) Get a bead blaster.  I've wanted one forever.  Not sure why I've been dragging my feet.

3) Start selling in actual brick and mortar shops.  Not quite sure what direction I'm heading with this one, but I think that is where I want to be.

4) Get business cards and other paper frippery to upgrade my packaging.  I would love to get custom jewelry boxes, but I'm not sure where to go for those.  I'm also in need of a new logo to go with J.Yaffa.  I had one for singleB that I really liked, but I don't think it meshes with the new business name.  What to do?  What to do?

5) Take a specialty stone setting class.  I really want to brush up on setting square and emerald cut stones.

6) Earrings, necklaces, bracelets/bangles.  I'm too ring heavy.

7)  OMG.  Finish my new website.  I've been "working" on it for a year.


1) Start drawing and illustrating again.  Get a wacom tablet to use with the new computer in Adobe Illustrator.  (Create my own line of stationery?)

2) Do a self-portrait, or a portrait of my husband/son/daughter every month.

3) Start running again.  Work up to 5 miles.

4) Yoga.  Arm balances.

5) Read/write every day.  I've got the reading part of that goal down cold.  Haha.

6) Love these baby sweeties with my whole heart and soul.  DONE!

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