Spring started out with a bang!

 I've been a bit like that chicken.  The one that had an unfortunate encounter with an ax?  But things have calmed down a little bit in the last month, which is good since I have a quilt to finish for a new baby that is expected next month!  Yay!  Tiny sweeties are the best.  (Just to be clear, I'm not expecting the baby.  It will be a new niece or nephew. Lol!)

I feel like I've been pretty lucky with my projects recently.  They've mostly been a little bit different from my normal work.  I'm really loving the wide band engagement rings that I've had the pleasure of making lately.  My personal taste certainly swings towards the nuclear bunker side of things, rather than towards the gossamer spider lace side of things.  Maybe because the really delicate things are actually harder to make?  Maybe they're not, but I certainly don't know how to do filigree or engraving.  Perhaps I should take a class?

I'm really getting into the cushion cut stones.  They're harder to work with than round but I'm enjoying the challenge.  I have a wide band engagement ring with a square shaped (rather than rectangular) cushion cut diamond in the works.  Super excited for that to be finished.

Summer has certainly started here.  It's been crazy hot the last couple of days.  We took the twins to a splash pad this weekend.  Super fun.  Can't wait to try out some others around town.