Experiments in sterling silver lace

If you have followed my blog at all (or just had a quick glance around this website) you probably already know that I have a thing for solid, structural jewelry.  But I've been trying out some new things recently and playing around with lighter more airy pieces.  When I took sculpture in college I had a wonderful teacher who introduced me to herring on toast with a little mayonnaise and sliced onion (try it!)!  But more relevantly, she was very strict about viewing a piece of sculpture in its entirety and  from all angles, rather than getting caught up in the pretty view from one side.  These recent experiments are feeling a bit flat and more like drawings to me.  I like them, but I want to bring some depth to to this idea.  Jewelry has innate limitations (and I'm talking about wearable jewelry, not art jewelry) that I find satisfying sometimes.  It helps me to focus.  Limitations are good!  But I think I need to relax a bit with these and push the limit of wearability a little bit.  It's late (8:59!  I'm officially an old!) and I'm just ruminating I guess.  But the next one of these is going to have some depth.