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Winter is coming

Or, for PNWesters, the under water season.  Seriously gloomy today, wasn’t sure if it was actually morning or just some purgatory I’d been sent to for not donating to the last NPR fund drive.   

And we were ALL sick with noro last week. I’ve been in a bit of a fugue state since last Wednesday night.  Also, I never want to contemplate how to get vomit out of an octopus stuffed animal ever again. (SORRY, TMI?)

But the work never stops! Even when all you can eat is a small bowl of soup from a Thai restaurant.  (God bless Thailand.)


Super fun wedding ring rebuild.  Featuring my favorite things: single cut diamonds and heirloom stones. Lucky duck!  

I’ve also been working on a few new pieces.   I’m trying for a more organic, less minimalist feel with these.


So the newer piece is the one on the left.  The pear shaped one.  It is going to have a pear rose cut in a very light champagne tone and then super bright white diamonds in the nesting band.  I was thinking of a cloud when I first designed it, but now that it is cast, and with the texturing on the band it feels more floral to me.  With the four little “prongs” for setting the stone it looks very reminiscent of dogwood.  I’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out when the stones are set.  But I’m very excited!  

The round solitaire and curved band above was a customer order for the nicest local lady.  She was SO sweet.  When she picked up her rings the other day she gave me big hug and it was adorable.  I love lovely warm people.  (Mostly because I am not one myself, I can never figure out how to do it right...I apologize to anyone I’ve ever akwarded all over).  She was so great and posed as a hand model while she was there.  I really hope I didn’t give her noro. 

Well, that’s all for now folks.  I’m working on finishing that new dogwood/cloud band piece.  Along with a gray moissanite rose cut solitaire and nesting band.  And an evil eye diamond pendant.  My twins turn six (!!!) in a week and I’m trying to top my Octonaut cake from last year with a cake that involves edible glitter, marshmallow fondant and sour balls.  So I’ll will let you know how that goes.... 

From last year: