stone sizes

What is the difference?

Two solitaires, white gold. One is 18kt, one is 14kt, one stone is G color, one is H color, one is VS1 clarity, the other SI1. But can you tell? Not really. White gold is white gold, G and H are similar. The difference in color between 14kt and 18kt yellow gold is noticeable, but I couldn't really see the difference between the white. Maybe the 18kt was less gray? Not really sure. The main difference between these two is stone size:

Right around 1mm difference in diameter, but the difference in appearance is noticeable. The larger is around 1ct and the smaller is a half carat. Both are fabulous, and big enough to get noticed. I just wanted to post a side by side comparison, because I know that people sometimes have a hard time visualizing what the the difference between the two is. This is also why I don't get too caught up in the numbers, a .49ct stone is going to look the exact same size as a .50ct stone, and the difference in price can be substantial. :-)