What is a semimount?

A semimount is a type of jewelry piece that is specifically designed to hold a gemstone in its center, such as a diamond or a colored gem. It is referred to as a "semimount" because it is incomplete without the central stone. The semimount typically consists of a setting that holds the gemstone securely in place, while other components, such as side stones, accents, or decorative elements, may be included. Semi mounts are settings that are finished and ready for stone setting and only require a central stone to complete the ring. They do not include a central stone in the price, but can be made to fit an existing stone that you already own.  A semimount may also be referred to as a mounting, ring mount, or setting.

What sets a semimount apart is that it allows the wearer to choose and add their desired central stone to complete the piece. The central stone is not included with the semimount, offering the opportunity for personalization and customization. This allows individuals to select a gemstone of their choice based on their preferred size, shape, color, and quality.

With a semimount, individuals can create a unique and personalized piece of jewelry that reflects their individual style and taste. It offers the flexibility to choose a central stone that holds personal significance or matches specific preferences while still utilizing the design of an existing style. A semimount can also be made incorporating a custom design, minus the central stone.