Meet the Custom Jeweler

My name is Justine Collins, and I am the sole creator, designer, and jeweler behind J.Yaffa.  I started making jewelry 11 years ago from my home in the Pacific Northwest after studying with Alan Revere, master goldsmith and one of contemporary jewelry’s most celebrated designers. My goal with any piece I make is to create meaningful, wearable art.


That's me, on the left. When I’m not tinkering in my at-home studio, you can find me weeding my perennial flower garden or chasing my twins around.  I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon

Design & Inspiration

No matter what I’m making – whether it’s a custom engagement ring, bespoke wedding ring set, or a pendant to mark a special occasion – my aim is to create jewelry that will last as close to forever as a piece of well loved jewelry can. I want my pieces to be passed down as cherished family heirlooms and look as timeless on your great granddaughter’s finger as it does on yours today.

I am inspired most by the materials I work with: precious metals and gemstones. With every piece I create, my goal is to accentuate the traits that make these materials singular.

I like to think my work is best defined by modern halo settings and low-profile bezels, and set apart by rustic textures and organic shapes. I’m fascinated by geometric possibilities when creating a set of rings, and I like to experiment with arches, waves, and crowns to make bands distinctive yet harmonious.

I’m a perfectionist at heart and will pursue an idea in metal until it comes together as I’d envisioned it. Nothing is more satisfying than pulling a concept from the ether and immortalizing it in precious materials. Except, perhaps, when I make something you like as much as I do.